Project Deployment Engineer

Company Name:
Amirit Technologies Inc
The 8950 AAA Services and Deployment Engineer will be responsible for integrating and deploying 8950 AAA at customer sites.
o Translate AAA customer needs into requirements for products and services.
o Evaluate the technical viability, raise technical issues, and define the technical risks associated with AAA customer requirements and/or new business opportunities.
o Create AAA customer solutions using the AAA PF and TAL languages.
o Create Methods of Procedure (MOPs) for the installation of the solution at the customer sites. Execute the MOPs at the customer lab or production site along with the customer's engineers.
o Integrate AAA with other products in Alcatel-Lucent labs and at customer lab and production sites.
o Create Acceptance Test Plans (ATPs) and First Office Application (FOA) test plans, and execute those test plans at the customer lab or production site along with the customer's engineers.
o Provide technical support for sales opportunities/RFPs as needed including support for producing Customer Product Description
o Propose solutions and technologies to implement new requirements; write Policy Flow to implement them.
Additional Job Details:
o US Citizen o BS in CS/EE or equivalent experience o Experience with Linux-based servers, command line operations, and networking o Experience writing scripts in a scripting language in order to automate tasks o Ability to travel and be onsite for a week or more at a time, and to work nights while onsite if required o Strong oral and written English communication skills are an absolute requirement o Experience working directly with customers on execution of tests or similar work, both remote and onsite o Experience working with offsite support while resolving issues encountered while working onsite. o Experience installing, configuring and monitoring/diagnosing systems, including working at a customer's production site o Ability to collect information about problems encountered during an installation, and possibly to update the installation instructions (Method Of Procedure) accordingly o Must be able to work/communicate well with a variety of organizations and cultures o Excellent interpersonal skills required; team interaction is critical o Adaptable/versatile in performing a variety of functions o Able to work with little supervision to address customer issues as they arise o Quick Learner Desired Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge) o Knowledge of AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) o Knowledge of Diameter Protocol o Knowledge of Radius Protocol o Familiarity with blade severs and networking o Familiarity with IPv4 and IPv6 o Familiarity with LTE solutions and call flows o Familiarity with eHRPD solution and call flows o Experience installing, configuring and monitoring/diagnosing AAA o Experience using the AAA simulators and associated scripts o Previous deployment experience preferred o Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) o CompTIA Server+ Certification

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